Angelic Frequencies​ Sound Healing and Reiki  

Suzanne Weber
​​​I am a natural channel for Angelic healing energy to flow through. I have a personal and direct relationship with God's healing energy and the Angelic realm. I have always been a person that people come to when they are feeling emotionally wounded or physically wounded. I have the ability to understand exactly what emotional issues are holding a person back from reaching their highest potential. Then, in 2012, I began to awaken to the potential of these natural gifts, and how I can use them to bring people loving, healing energy in their lives. I am not a practitioner of any religions, but I respect all of them. I do practice daily devotion to the Creator of the Universe, and to LOVE, the highest of vibrations. I do not try to sell any theology or belief system to any person who comes for help, I can simply show them the situation from the higher perspective- the Angelic realm of Love. I use the sacred vibrations of Tibetan Singing bowls to channel this healing energy into the energy centers of the body (also called the chakra in yoga). The body can become out of harmony with the universe (what we call sickness) when we do not treat ourselves well, or we keep our emotions and fears locked up inside. We all have these lower vibrations in our lives, and what I can do is help you to release them and to sync back up with the vibration of SOURCE (God). I have been shown this process through dreams and meditation with the Archangels. They have been training me on how to heal with sacred sound and with my other gifts. This healing process occurs through YOU and in concurrence with your SOUL, I am only a channel for the energy to come through you, and balance you again back to center. I am also a certified Angel Card Reader who can do readings over the phone or in person. If these sound like any services you may be interested in, please contact me via email. Many bright blessings to you!
I am a Usui Reiki Master,  Seichim Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified Angel Card Reader (Doreen Virtue)