Angelic Frequencies​ Sound Healing and Reiki  

Suzanne Weber
​​​My story is a long and beautiful path, filled with self realization and discovery, divine, gifts, music, light, and most importantly, Divine Power. I had a personal spiritual breakthrough in  October 2012 which lead to me discovering  my Divine Gifts. I have always walked the pathway of the "outsider" and never felt I belonged to the world. Since the awakening in 2012, I have expanded my reality and started living and thinking mulit-dimensionaly. This means that I began to see things were not as they seemed to be, and that there was another layer of the Universe that held wonderful, magical revelations and most importantly freedom. I flourish in a reality of lights, colors, and sounds (music). I connected with my true divine nature and blueprint. In my sacred space of delicious exploration and expansion, I began to offer to others an opportunity to see and be inspired by the expanding Light that I hold within myself in the form of personal healing and mentoring sessions. I work with those that are called to me through the Divine Law of attraction. I am not a healer, though it is the contemporary word to use, but I am a vessel for divine consciousness to work through for the highest potenetial of all those who partner with me. My empathic gifts allow me to feel what others feel, and see things how others feel them. My connection with the Divine Mother allows me to nuture and soothe the pain that others carry. My connection with the realm of the Angels, the realm of sacred sounds, and the realm of the Ocean allows me to pass on the words of guidance to help others choose the highest path. My deep roots within the Blue Ray of Divine Power allow me to assist in empowering others to find their voice and live their truth on the path of their choice, fully in control of their divine gifts. These are the things that I offer with an open heart to all who are called.
I am a Usui Reiki Master,  Seichim Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified Angel Card Reader (Doreen Virtue)