Angelic Frequencies​ Sound Healing and Reiki  

This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.

This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.

This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.

 The Divine Power of Sacred Sound Healing
~Energize your body, mind, and soul~

Namaste Friends! Welcome to Angelic Frequencies!
My name is Suzanne Weber and I am a sacred sound practitioner, energy channeler, musician, reiki master, electrical engineer, and angelic communicator in the Chantilly, Northern Virginia Area (NOVA). I combine the unique set of skills I have acquired throughout my studies in electrical engineering, music, metaphysics, science, ancient energy healing systems such as reiki, Chinese medicine, and yogic meditation, and other energy healing modalities to create a powerful healing experience that can transform lives. My goal is to empower each person to live to their highest path and purpose! 
My body is a tool that I use to channel healing frequencies from the Angelic/Higher Realms. I incorporate techniques from many proven and effective healing modalities in my work. As I open up my chakras, angelic frequencies flow through my body and voice, creating a vortex of light and sound. I work with the Angels, Masters, and Guides of each client to channel the frequencies needed for each person.  

What is Sound Healing/Vibrational Medicine?
The human energy field has been a recent subject of study by western medicine. Science has discovered that the body has a natural healthy resonance. Ancient healers knew this, and they also knew that the body, mind, and spirit responded positively to healthy natural vibrations produced by instruments made with the intention of healing. This ancient technology recently has been used with amazing results in cancer treatment centers, veteran recovery homes, and hospitals. The most amazing discovery by Dr Emoto in 1994 found that water has memory in the form of it's crystal structure, and that sound vibrations have a profound affect on the cystalline structure of water. Our bodies are about 55-60% water! This discovery proves that our bodies are able to be be repaired by positive vibrations such as those produced in sound healing.

What are the Benefits of Sound Healing Sessions?
The benefits of Sound Healing are physical, mental, and spiritual and share many of the same benefits as Reiki treatments:
Relief from physical pain
Profound Relaxation
Relief from anxiety and depression
Improved Sleep
Increased Mental Clarity
Emotional Release and Stability
Relief from chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, arthritis
Stimulates the immune system
Deeply Spiritual Experiences, Dreams, and Insights
Deep Personal Transformations
Improved Brain Function
Increased Airflow through Sinus
Improved Blood Pressure
Stimulate repair of DNA and cells
Opening of accupuncture meridans and body energy channels
Clearing of past and current life trauma
Clearing of past and curent life negative behavioral patterns
Connection with Angels and Spirit Guides
Balancing and Opening Chakras
Imprinting Positive Energy Patterns into the Body and Mind
Activiating Psychic Gifts
Activating and Attuning your Body to Hold More of your Divine Soul Essense
And much, much more!

Who Benefits from Sound Healing Sessions?
* Anyone who is experiencing any physical or emotional pain, suffering from depression/anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and angry, unbalanced, and tired
* Anyone recovering from surgery or cancer treatments
*Anyone struggling with addiction
* Anyone who works with special needs kids, elderly, or hospital patients and feels drained after work
* Empathic people who take on other people's emotions and problems and feel overwhelmed
* Anyone looking to expand their energy field, psychic gifts, and raise their vibration
* Anyone with a stressful job or relationship
* Anyone who has alot of emotional baggage ie...cannot sleep at night and is troubled by bad dreams
* Anyone who is looking to connect to the Angelic Realm and receive guidance

What are the Sounds Used in Sound Healing?
 I work with Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Drums, Gongs, Native Flute, rattles, sounds of  the Ocean, Whales, Dolphins, Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. All of these have known healing properties using ancient solfeggio tones.  Solfeggio tones are tones found in Nature and the Universe. Nature and the Universe already hold  the perfect Divine Frequency Codes for life. These same tones are reproduced by these instruments. Whatever frequency is resonating in the environment, resonates in your body.
I also channel high frequency energy through my voice when I sing and chant. I sometimes use vedic sanskrit chants or hebrew chants, but mostly I use an ancient language that consists of modulated tones that is used by the Angels. As Angels are non-human energy forms, they do not use human language to transmit energy, they use modulated sounds. Some people refer to this as Angelic Light Language. In this language, I am guided to change the pitch (frequency), amplitude (volume), and vowel sound (modulation) of the notes that I am singing. This physical process of creating the sound you hear creates a modulated tone that corresponds to the energy codes that your specific body and mind require to be activated, restored, balanced, and flooded with Divine Love, Light, and Truth! I also channel sounds from Dolphins and Whales, who are known and studied for their healing sounds! The spirit dolphin and spirit whales communicate with me telepathically and have attuned me to their healing frequencies through a sacred symbol. The are beautiful, loving spirits!

Sound Therapy and Religion/Spirituality
Sound Healing is available to everyone regardless of religious or spiritual views. It is not limited to those who are spiritual or religious. I have clients who are Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, and New Age Spiritualists. I work with all of the Divine Laws, Divine Light Rays, Masters/Teachers (Jesus, Buddha, Gurus, Allah, Godesses). The dominant energy of the session is determined by the religious inclination of my clients, and I adapt to work with all of them. I have seen God in all forms working through sound healing for the highest good of each person. The Angels do not care what your religious identity is, they love ALL. They tell me that nobody should feel scared or as if they are doing something wrong by asking for healing to come to you from the Creator in the form of sound.

Are you Ready to Experience Healing on ALL Levels?
Read below about my services and link to my Services page for more details, then contact me via email to make your appointment today! I look forward to helping you get to your HIGHEST POTENTIAL!

Sound Healing Workshops
Sacred Sound Healing Concerts and workshops are group events where I will be guiding you on how to work with all the ancient Sacred Instrument Vibrations to heal your body, mind, and soul!
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Private Healing Sessions
Private healing sessions are personalized to your current physical, mental, and spiritual concerns. I create a sound bath using the singing bowls and flow reiki through your body. Together we can energize your mind, body, and soul and reawaken your Divine Power! 
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Gift Certificates
Available for all services! Sent to your email! To purchase, contact me via email at [email protected]

Meditation with Chimes

This is a one minute video sample of an Angelic Sound Healing using chimes and Angelic Light Language

Meditation with Native American Drum

This is a one minute sample of healing using a Native American Drum and chanting

 Meditation with 333 healing frequencies 

This is a one minute meditation channeling the Angelic Realm using the healing frequencies of the Divine Number 333. 

​Meditation with Native American Flute

This is a one minute meditation with Native American Flute channeling Great Mother Earth

Meditation for Solar Plexus Chakra